Dog’s claws grow constantly just like the human nails. The period within which a dog’s nails need to be cut depends on the lifestyle and breed. However, it changes with age.

Naturally, most dogs wear their nails down by playing and walking on hard surfaces. Even so, an inactive or an older dog may not wear their nails down because they prefer to walk on softer grounds and grass fields.

dog nails

dog nails

Therefore, it is important to ensure that the claws of your dog are well trimmed at the right length. Long claws can easily split and the dog may get infected. Lon nails may as well put strain on the dog’s legs.

It is very important to use quality dog nail clippers when trimming your dog’s claws. There are various types of nail clippers, including the scissors type and the guillotine type. The scissors type is recommended for trimming toe nails that are long and curling. The easiest to use in clipping a dog’s claw is the guillotine type.

When purchasing a dog’s nail clipper, look for the one with sharp stainless steel handle and a comfortable handle with good grip. The uses of different clippers vary. Read the instructions carefully before settling on your choice.

dog nail trims

dog nail trims

It is very simple to determine if the nails of your dog are too long. When they are long enough, you will hear them clack while the dog walks on hard surfaces. The claws should not touch the ground while the dog is standing or protrude over the pad.

If the dog has dark claws, it is impossible to see the quick. The quick is the nerves and blood vessels that supply the nail. To reduce the possibility of cutting the quick accidentally, cut the dark nails in several small cuts. While cutting, keep looking at the end of your dog’s nail. When you notice a dark spot at the centre of the newly trimmed edge, do not cut farther; that is where the live quick starts. It is however advisable to try filing in cases where the quick is totally invisible. You may even have your dog groomer or vet trim them for you.

If your dog has light colored or clear nails, it is very easy to see the quick inside the nail and you can easily cut them at home. When you can see the quick, it helps to you to trim easily to just before that point. Experts recommend cutting to approximately 2mm from the quick.

If you accidentally cut the quick while trimming your dog’s nails, do not panic. Hold some soft piece of cloth tightly to the bleeding to absorb the blood. You can alternatively use styptic pads, styptic pencil or styptic powder to stop the bleeding. The blood should clot within 5 minutes even without treatment. When the dog licks the wound, it may slow the clotting but this should not worry you.

Most dogs don’t like having their nails clipped. You should start trimming at a young age to get them used to having their paws handled

Regular trimming is very important. If you are likely to forget, you can schedule it in your diary. Foot inspection should be your health routine with your dog.

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