If you want to look tanned and healthy without the dangers of sun and/or lamps, then the bronzer should do the trick for you.  As with all methods, there a few basic tips to follow if you plan on getting the most form the product.  By following a few guidelines you will acquire the desired effect a little bit easier and quicker than by “natural” methods. The nature of the bronzing agent is that it sinks into the outer layer of your skin activating chemicals that darken the pigment.


Please remember that this process is not instantaneous, and you should not cover the treated area before the cream sinks into the skin. This means you need to apply the bronzing agent, then wait before you dress.  The waiting period depends upon the recommendations of the manufacturer.  Be sure to read the label and follow the instructions on the product carefully, allowing the bronzing compound to settle in.

The prime requisite for just about every one of the bronzers on the market today is that it is to be applied to clean skin. This means that the easiest way to “tan” is to take your shower in the evening, dry off thoroughly, and begin applying the compound.

Do not apply to wet skin, as this may cause the finished look to be streaky or blotchy.  If an applicator is provided with your bronzer be sure to use it as recommended, as many products will stain the palms of your hands after use can be quite nasty looking.  Be sure to wash your hands immediately after application or you will appear to have dirty hands until the product wears off.  We have found that you can apply the product and when the skin no longer feels creamy or oily, you may cover it loosely with lightweight pajamas without adverse reactions.

We recommend to apply it about 1/2 hour before bedtime, using only a sheet for coverage.  Actually, once the cream has soaked into the skin the light coverage seems to increase the effect.  We recommend to go to bed as “whitey” and wake up bronzed and healthy, with the added effect of smooth, creamed skin.  Apply to ankles and knees very sparingly, or you may have orange buildup in these areas.  Bronzing agents are great, they’re inexpensive and result in a great looking tan.

Try different brands available at your drugstore or supermarket and choose the one that gives you your favorite effect. If you hate it, don’t worry; it’ll be gone in a week.  If you love it, and you will, use it on a weekly basis to keep your skin healthy and glowing.  Everyone will think you’ve spent weeks in the sun.